Why Do Bad Things Happen? Essay examples

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"Why do bad things happen to good people, why God, WHYYYY???" I wailed.

"So, did you miss me?"

I haven 't heard that voice in a very long time, even thought it had changed from soft to husky. But when I saw him after two years, so many emotions were piling up on me that it was hard to process. I had everything going smooth these past two years with new friends and I was getting so comfortable with my school, it almost felt good to go to school everyday. Almost. That is the exact reason I was so adamant not to talk to Akash ever again. Okay that is a lie. My ego was not letting me talk to this asshole who, after being friends with me for 4 years decided to stop understanding my situation and left me with nothing but the realities of life. To be honest, I missed him around and the number of stories we used to make up and the silly fights we used to have were some of the best memories I had with him. This amazing friendship was ruined by his huge expectations and demands for importance and spotlight, it 's like he wanted me to go around telling people he was my best friend. I might as well write I 'm a loser who has an imaginary friend on my forehead and go running around.

I was going through a serious meltdown during my initial days of 11th grade when everything around me had changed drastically. I know I 'm highly dramatizing the entire situation but I hated any changes that happened in life and freaked out over every single thing that is going different which by then…

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