Argumentative Speech About Friendship

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Luke Parker
Mrs. Tyvoll
12 December 2016
1. being happy for a friend’s success that could have been your own; being proud of your friend and not jealous;
3. stand up to your friend’s enemies, even though it may mean those enemies will strike back at you

It was a cold Fall day. Everything was going well throughout the beginning of the school year. My best friend, Jaden, and I were sitting on the swings. The cold wind blew on our faces. It was cold today, and very cloudy. Jaden looked at me weirdly. He seemed strange today. He has been strange for a few days. He won’t even talk to me about his personal life anymore. Well, I guess it’s because we don’t have any time to talk, besides recess and the weekends, even though he doesn’t
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My mom sees me coming, and she smiles at me. I know she isn’t mad. She knows it’s not my fault. When I get inside, she hugs me and says it’s ok. A few tear come out, but I am quick to recover from them. I wipe my face and go to my room. I am sick of my school now. Everybody just picks on me, and my one and only friend never helps me or defends me. A couple of hours past, and I am at the dining table. That night we eat pasta, bread, and my mom's special sauce for the pasta. It all tastes delicious, and I soon become very full.
The next morning, I rush out the door and go to school. When I get to school, I see Jaden. I walk towards him, but someone walks in front of me, and starts to talk to him. I recognize that face, and it’s Nancy. I take one more step and shout for Jaden's name. He ignores me and goes to class. That day Jaden gets called down to the principal office. I don’t know what it’s about, but I don’t care. Jaden has never gotten in trouble, and to be honest, I am happy he is getting in trouble.
He comes back to class with a big grin on his face, and I realize it was something good.
“Guess what Leo, I am getting interviewed for the school newspaper!” He says with much enthusiasm.
“That's great!” I say sarcastically.
“Hey, what’s up?” He
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“I’m sorry Jaden, I let my anger get the best of me. I am happy for you and all your success. You deserve for that article about you. To be honest, I feel like a horrible person. I have not supported you at all, and I just want to say sorry,” I say, with tears in my eyes.
“I haven’t been that fair to you either. I tried stealing the girl you like, I have neglected you, even when you got bullied by Matt and his friends. I promise, I will never do those things again. I forgive you, and I am also sorry,” He says, with even more tears in his eyes.
I have never seen Jaden cry like that before. I know he is sorry from the sound of his voice. We give eachother a hug and walk to our clas.
“We are totally going to get in trouble, we just skipped one of our classes,” Jaden says, in a happy voice.
“I know we are, but at least we will get in trouble together,” I say with a smile.
When we walk into the classroom, everyone stares at us, and we laugh a little at the thought of getting in

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