Exemplification Essay: The Legacy Of Jimmy Hall

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Three years ago Kent State redshirt sophomore Jimmy Hall was sitting inside of a jail cell in New York. Three years ago Hall’s basketball, and possibly his future, was over.

Hall had been arrested and charged with burglary. That was the moment in Hall life when for the first time in his life when he realized that there were serious consequences for his mistakes.

“We were just kids who weren’t doing the right thing,” Hall said of the situation. “We got caught up in something we weren’t supposed to do, stealing, just knuckle head things. We definitely paid the price for it and I learned my lesson.”

For the first time in Hall’s life he was forced to learn a valuable lesson on just how serious his actions were. For the first time in his life, Hall
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“I let a lot of people down and I don’t want that feeling ever again.”

Senderoff knows a thing or two about second chances.

“Everybody deserves a second chance and it’s really up to you what you make of that second chance,” Senderoff said. “At this point Jimmy has made good of his second chance in terms of what he’s done off the court and in terms of what he’s done on the court. Sometimes you make mistakes in life, hopefully you learn from them and move forward from that point”

Hall has done a lot of growing sense the incident at Hofstra. Though those mistakes will follow him for the rest of his life, he hasn’t allowed his to define him as a person.

“Sometimes you make mistakes in life,” Senderoff said. “Hopefully you learn from them and move forward from that point. “

Hall has made the most of a second opportunity. Last year around this time the Flashes finished the season .500 and didn’t even make it to Cleveland. This year, their MAC regular season champions and earned a three seed in the tournament sending them directly to Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland,

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