Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

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"Why do bad things happen to good people, why God, WHYYYY???" I wailed.

"So, did you miss me?"

I haven 't heard that voice in a very long time, even thought it had changed from soft to husky. But when I saw him after two years, so many emotions were piling up on me that it was hard to process. I had everything going smooth these past two years with new friends and I was getting so comfortable with my school, it almost felt good to go to school everyday. Almost. That is the exact reason I was so adamant not to talk to Akash ever again. Okay that is a lie. My ego was not letting me talk to this asshole who, after being friends with me for 4 years decided to stop understanding my situation and left me with nothing but the realities of life.
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I know I 'm highly dramatizing the entire situation but I hated any changes that happened in life and freaked out over every single thing that is going different which by then included my school, my home, the place and everything. So seeing him after all that, I could not but feel a sense of joy and relief of familiarity that I never expected our conversation to turn out to be one of the creepiest …show more content…
If you are trying to create an aura of discomfort for all of us, it 's better you leave." I said.

"We were inseparable for years, so once you get new friends you forget your old ones?" Akash asked.

"I never forgot you. You just had so many insecurities that I couldn 't deal with on a day-to-day basis. You needed instant gratification which I was not ready for."

"Oh I completely understand what you are trying to say." Exclaimed Shikha.

"WHAT???" Yelled Akash.

"You understand? Do you think I have insecurities???" Akash questioned Shikha.

"Well, you are a little bit, umm extreme." Finished Shikha.

"You were right Akash, she is smart, funny and beautiful." I said.

"Oh that is so sweet. Let us hang out more often?" Shikha said.

Akash was now boiling up and his entire face had changed into a crimson red. He started looking around my room to find something to destroy and his eyes immediately met up with my new school textbooks lying on the table.

"HEY!!! Don 't even think about it." I screamed.

"What is going on here??" Asked my brother, who just peeped into my room all of a sudden.

"Oh I think I saw a cockroach now." I replied immediately.

"Where is it??" He

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