Why Descartes ' Argument For The Existence Of God Essay

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concept. The claim that all bachelors are unmarried is analytic because the concept of being unmarried is included within the concept of being a bachelor. In return, in synthetic propositions, the ground concept adds to the subject of concept. The claim that the sun is approximately 93 million miles from the earth is synthetic because the concept of being positioned a certain distance from the earth goes beyond or adds to the concept of the sun itself. One type of judgement observed by Kant is constitutive judgements. A constitutive judgement is used only if its legitimacy is not based upon any further assumptions. Another type of judgement is regulative judgements. Regulative judgements are the opposite of constitutive judgements. They are only used if its legitimacy is based upon further assumptions. A third judgement is a determining judgement. A judgement is defined as determining if it logically brings a narrow concept to a more general concept.
Explain why Descartes’ argument for the existence of God in the third meditation is flawed. In particular, consider whether or not you possess an idea of an “infinite being” as he claims he does. Alternatively, consider his arguments for the claim that an infinite being cannot be a deceiver and what that implies for our understanding of evil. Descartes’ argument claims we can prove God exists because any idea we hold must be true because we cannot prove it false. Since our brains our finite, anything greater than that must be…

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