Summary Of Suzanne O 'Sullivan's Article When The Body Speaks'

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Psychosomatic Illness is baffling to both patients and doctors. But it always happens for a reason: Sadness can be too impenetrable for words. “When the Body Speaks.”
The author of this article is Suzanne O’Sullivan. She is a Neurologist from London. She studies the brain. From an early age she knew she wanted to be a neurologist. She enjoyed the detective drama aspect and unraveling the mysteries of how the nervous system communicates its messages and learning things that can go wrong. Neurological diseases manifest in weird ways. Suzanne O’Sullivan never could have predicted how far she would find herself caring for those whose illnesses originated not in the body but in the mind.
I believe little is described about the author because she is focused on providing evidence and trying to treat her patients with disorder and diseases. I think she is worried about getting this
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One on a single woman and one on a married man. Even though they have done extensive research this is still an ongoing problem that has no clear explanation. In the article it talks about psychosomatic illnesses, and that there is no single solution for this illness. Psychosomatic disorders or illnesses are physical symptoms that mask emotional distress. The physical symptoms hide the emotional distress, so in nature it causes someone to seek medical attention, thinking they have something physically wrong with them. They seek medical care and not psychological care because the brain manifests itself into thinking they have something wrong with them, when really their physical pain is brought upon by a neurological or mental …show more content…
With Matthew the doctor explained to him how the brain is telling parts of the body how to react, so Matthew was feeling pain, but it was a stimulant from the brain. Matthew convinced his self that maybe he should see a therapist. He did, and his symptoms went

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