Why Cars Have Changed The World Of Our Backs With The Automotive Tracks

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Watching our Backs with the Automotive Tracks
It is without a doubt that cars have changed the game when it comes to convenience and saving time, getting from one place to another. We no longer are limited to walking, biking, or stuck with the horrors of public transport. Through time, cars have become loaded with features that we never thought were possible. They no longer need keys to start engines as functions like push button or keyless start have become the new posh norms. Many cars have been stuffed with first world luxuries like cruise control, rear view cameras, and sun roofs. Though all these feats are great, car companies are still pushing to go further and beyond by tampering with the driver’s ability to drive. The successful development of full service autopilot in current and future production vehicles can easily prove to be an amazing breakthrough but one that should ultimately be discouraged while at its premature stage. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) systems can be subject to various flaws that can endanger the safety its driver and passengers, along with it come other legal issues in association with car accidents.
Though the auto piloting concept is one that may have come straight from a sci fi movie, self driving vehicles on the streets are no joke as they have already claimed the lives of a few individuals. Imagine driving on a highway with many others. Instead of the driver being attentive to the road and its surroundings, the driver is now fully…

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