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Personal Statement

The reasons why I have pursued medicine have adapted throughout my life. The more I see from the healthcare field, the more entrenched I have become. Initially, my mother sparked my interest in the medical field. She has been a registered nurse for over 20 years, exposing me to the medical field at an early age. She would often tell me fascinating stories about her patients as well as the doctors that cared for them. The compassions she exhibits towards her patients continues to inspire me today.
Throughout my education I found science courses to be the most enjoyable. I became fascinate with understanding the natural world around us. I decided to follow the premed path and major in Human Biology in order to pursue
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I learned this first hand in the emergency room as a volunteer. A physician requires a broad skill set beyond the academics. During my shifts in the emergency room, I was able to see how the physicians interacted with their patients. I witnessed patients cheering up from small gestures of kindness from doctors, nurses, and patient technicians. I saw how compassion and understanding can be as effective as medication at alleviating pain. As I spent more time interacting with patients, I became more comfortable addressing their needs. These patients opened my eyes to the importance of empathy and caring needed to be a good …show more content…
Initially a group of high school students practicing in basements eventually becoming a professional team consisting of 30 members. We have competed all over the country while winning various competitions. This transition did not come easily, through hard work and perseverance have we come this far. Being in charge of 16+ dancers comes with certain challenges. I have to coordinate practice schedules as well as oversee travel plans. Many of my team members are busy college students, making effective communication and leadership necessary. Dancing being inherently creative, there are often differences that arise. I learned how to understand opposing viewpoints and incorporate these differences to achieve a collective vision. Adapting to these obstacles has taught me a lot about myself. I enjoy facing new challenges, being placed outside my comfort zone, forcing myself to think differently.
From my experiences, I can safely say that the medical field would be an ideal match for me. Being able to feed my curiosity while having the opportunity to research and apply scientific knowledge to improve patients lives. Medicine’s dynamic nature is constantly providing me with a source of new challenges to test myself. I am excited to be a medical school applicant and eager to continue my journey in becoming a physician. Medicine provides the ideal niche where I believe I can do the

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