Why Are Choir Important To Society

Ever since I was a little girl, my dad and I had this saying before I got

dropped off for school, "Dare to be great! Don't be average!" I kept those

words in mind with everything that I decided to pursue in school, whether it be

choir, AP classes or clubs. That being said, when I pushed myself to be the

best that I could be, I was able to immerse myself into activities and learn

multiple lessons from each of them.

When I registered for middle school, I randomly chose show choir as my elective

because it seemed the most interesting out of my limited choices. At the time,

I did not know that show choir would become something so important in my life.

To this day, as a senior in high school, I am still involved in show choir, and

I can't imagine how my
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I have learned how to make a choir filled with people that

don't know each other well come together and become a family, especially

because I am now the president of my choir. As president, I learned on my own

of how to be a good leader. Show choir has taught me the importance of

communication, optimism, and eloquence for group settings. On top of all that,

it truly showed me what commitment is about. Choir has rehearsals at least

once a week, and when competition season or show time comes around, rehearsals

can be as long at six hours a night. Even with all the hard work, I committed

myself to choir because it was important to me.

During the lunch club fair of my freshman year of high school, I was slightly

overwhelmed by the many clubs offered at school. Once I found Key Club, I knew

that it was the club for me. Key Club serves the community, which is something

I enjoy doing. Whenever I help people out, I feel so much happier because I

feel like if I am making at least one person smile, I am making a difference.

It has taught me about selflessness, awareness of others, and gratitude for

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