Ethics And Values: The Abortion Debate

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Dyllan Hamblin
Final Exam Essay
Ethics and Values
An abortion is when the pregnancy is ended so that it does not result in the birth of a child. The pregnancy is taken away either by taking pills, which cause a miscarriage or by surgery to remove the pregnancy from the womb. The debate of whether abortion is right or wrong is a tough one. Out of all the research I’ve done on abortion, the prevalent theme among the two sides seem to be whether abortion is murder or not. What is murder exactly? Well, according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary the definition of murder is: The crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with maleficence aforethought. Is abortion murder? Is a fetus considered a human being? Each side has their opinions on whether a fetus is a human or not. The most important part of the debate is the reasons as to why women choose abortion.
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For Immanuel Kant another highly regarded philosopher it should. Kant believed that it is wrong to take a human life, especially if it’s not the human’s choice. Kant for the most part saw things in black and white. There is only good and bad. For abortion if it is in fact murder, murder is wrong. The abortion may be doing what is best
Hamblin 3 for everyone, but the act of killing is naturally wrong. It all depends on your viewpoint of what you consider life. This is the main point in the debates of pro-life and pro-choice. If you consider the fetus is not alive when it’s in the woman’s womb, then it isn’t unethical to abort it. If you believe it is alive and you abort it, you essentially just murdered an innocent child. Abortion is a very controversial issue. It’s understandable why people have moral conflicts over the topic, and that is their right. Is abortion moral or immoral? It all depends on your perspective, no matter how correct a perspective sounds, there will always be critiques and quandaries found in each

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