Why A Get Grounded Work Session? Essay

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Why A Get Grounded Work Session?
Let’s get smart before we go forth. While Millennial (Gen Y) and Boomer insights dominate the cultural landscape, we will need to be creative IN order to give the team foundational learning that can inspire smarter research.

How it works
Partnering with Ogilvy’s media team, engage publishers who have a point of view on this target to present their insights in a morning get smart session. Consider Facebook, Meredith Inc, NBC, Time Inc. and Viacom. Even two presentations should give us a foundation on this group. Presentations should help the team understand entertainment trends and the balance of work/family and fun.

Using this learning as a springboard, KUDZU will lead workshop on key themes, hypotheses to be explored in the research

Findings from this step will help inform the discussion guide for both EthnoBlogs and Debates. Assume 5 hours.

Why Debates? Step 2 will have provided dense ethnographic content on attitudes and behaviors towards entertainment, live performances, Steppenwolf and thought-starters on the Lab space. From there, in Step 3 we will use KUDZU’s Debate & SwitchTM methodology to craft a vision for Steppenwolf that meets the needs and desires of a multigenerational audience.

KUDZU loves debates because they put consumers in a mindset to create vs. just evaluate. Our Debate & SwitchTM methodology actively engages participants in building ideas, and then encourages participants to constructively…

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