Who Should Decide The Legality Of Abortion? Graphic And Web Designer

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Who should decide the legality of abortion? Graphic and web designer, Kye Lu, in her blog, “Abort, adopt, keep-your choice”, describes the choices that affect a women regarding the abortion controversy. Lu’s purpose is to convey that it is the woman’s choice to choose pro-choice or pro-life. She adopts an idiomatic tone in order to convey to her readers and viewers that the idea of women being able to make their own choices is a natural process. Over all she is using the meme to persuade her viewers to see that the pro-choice side of the abortion controversy is allowing women to make the own decisions about their body and that it is the right choice. Abortion has been a controversial issue dating back to the biblical days. It wasn’t until 1973 abortion became legal in the deciding of Roe vs. Wade and that forbidding women form having the opportunity of an abortion was unconstitutional. Abortion was then divided into two sides, pro-choice and pro-life. The meme I chose is supporting the pro-choice side of the controversy. The pro-choice side believes that it is a womans right to choose whether to have an abortion, to give it up for adoption, or carry out the pregnancy no matter what the circumstances of the pregnancy are. Lu begins with the focus on Elsa. Elsa is a women of childbearing age that proves she would one day have to make this very decision. Lu crops her body at the chest in order to pull the face close to your attention. The background is unfocused or blurry…

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