Who Is A Servant Or Transformational Leader? Essay

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Portfolio Project: Leadership Theories
In today’s global economy, organizations will always need managers; however, bringing an organization from good to great, requires stalwart leadership that inspires and encourages the success of those he or she leads (Thompson, 2015). Throughout history, there are examples of servant leadership, such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Eleanor Roosevelt and the world remains richer because they lived. Whereas servant leadership is quiet and selfless, the transformational leader, such as Steve Jobs, George Patton, and George Washington, driven to achieve greatness, aspired to lead others to be their best selves. Whether a servant or transformational leader, the value of leadership is most apparent when the inevitable conflicts and misunderstandings arise in today’s diverse workplace. Certainly, diversity can lead to tremendous innovation in all industries as skills from various demographic populations and ethnic groups bring unique ideas to a team. However, diversity can also lead to dysfunction and adept leadership is necessary to avoid resentments and division within the team. What follows is an overview of both servant and transformational leaders and how their unique personality styles create an effective, diverse team. While there are many leadership traits and each have their place, leading a diverse team requires the unique skills of the servant and the transformational leader.
Diversity in the Workplace
Diversity within a…

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