Who Is A Leader? Essay

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Who am I?
I never really saw myself as a leader. Sure I was I charge of this and my title was that of someone in charge, but I never felt as though I was actually a leader. Leadership positions that had been given to me include, lead usher, president of the youth council, choreographer for the step team, and section leader of the youth choir. While all of these positions required a great deal of responsibility and leadership, it never felt as though leading a group of people was “my thing.” It never felt as though anyone was inspired by the things I had done. It was as if everyone was simply half-heartedly congratulating me because something had been accomplished. Their congratulations were not those of compassion or empathy for me. For this reason, I was elated when I found out that I had received the Raytheon RAYBEN Scholarship. This scholarship was based on not only test scores and your high school GPA, but on the integrity of the person applying for the scholarship. They, the scholarship committee, did this by having every applicant write something very similar to a personal essay one would write for a college application. In fact, I tweaked one of my personal statements to correctly address the question at hand. For all the winners of the scholarship there was a commemorative dinner. At this dinner each award recipient could bring two other people with them, ideally meant for ones parents. Because my dad does not live with me, I decided to bring my mom and my best…

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