Essay on Who Can You Live?

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He knew warmth once.

Joy. Happiness. He saw the smiling faces everyday, filled with love.
But now...
What was left behind is now an empty, cold shell; unfeeling, unable to die.

To those who have committed a terrible sin, beware of his name.
No matter where you are, he will find you. Even if you change your breed, your colors, he will find you.
Even if you leave your old life behind, change your name, travel from place to place, as far as you can reach, he will find you.

He does not forgot.
He will stalk you until you die under his claws.
You are never safe from him. And neither are your relatives.

They will recognize the cold aura of death surrounding them. They will feel watched. They will see a pair of red eyes, staring at them from the darkness, but there will no one there.
Your friends will shun you. Your family will disown you. Your clan will exile you.
And when you have no treasure left, no friends or family to run to, no shelter to hide in, when weariness was taken its toll on your body, he will find you.

And you will be no more.
His first name was Onyx.

Life started in the clan of the Dead Men, a once powerful clan composed of the strongest necromancers, where their entire lives were devoted to the leaders alone. Weaklings were not allowed, for once someone showed a sign of weakness, they were executed.

There were rules to follow, just as any other clan.

Once you joined, you will never leave the clan.

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