Chick Fil A Ad Analysis

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In today’s society, various companies’ advertisements are displayed multiple times around the country in magazines, newspapers, and on billboards in order to gain the audience’s attention. After doing so, most times the audience is visually attracted and immediately crave or feel that they must have that certain product. Restaurants and fast food chains use advertisements to appeal to their customers and make them crave or want a certain product. A good example of this would be Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-a is a role model for other companies and is well known for their big enrollment in today 's society whether it is through children, elders, or community functions. They also use fun and creative advertisements to reach out their customers. Chick-fil-a does this by using their highly famous cow to promote exceedingly well service to their customers all around the …show more content…
In this advertisement, there are three cows holding signs that make up the words “Eat Mor Chikin.” which represents Chick-fil-A’s motto. Today on highways and popular areas it can be found on many billboards around the country and even on water towers. While using a humor appeal, this advertisement has successfully been used to persuade potential customers to stop eating beef and go eat Chick-fil-A. These cows became the face for Chick-fil-A and are featured on many Chick-fil-A advertisements across the country. This kid friendly ad appeals to customers by using a sense of humor in the way they misspelled the words and used the cows to sneakily persuade their audience to eat more chicken. Chick-fil-A uses the cows as there mascot and even sometimes has their employees dress up as cows to entertain children. The company also sells cow merchandise on the website. The advertisement makes customers feel like this is an entertaining and welcoming environment to bring their kids in a fun and creative

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