Trident's Poem: An Analysis Of Pay Me In Gum

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The product being analyzed is gum by Trident and Extra. Trident’s release of a commercial named “Pay Me in Gum”, gives the audience a different outlook on gum. A man asks his babysitter if he can pay her in gum, while a light-heartening melody plays throughout the commercial. The babysitter shows an exciting interest in his offer while other family members and other workers in the household exclaim their content hearing the mention of Trident Layers. The other commercial presented is the “Birds (Origami)” by Extra Gum that takes the audience on a journey in a girl’s timeline of her memories with her father, including Extra Gum. It starts from the sequence of her childhood to adulthood with her father creating origami doves out of Extra Gum …show more content…
In the “Pay Me in Gum” commercial, the moral of the commercial surrounds itself on never excluding others. During the last seconds of the commercial, a powerline worker works on the electrical poles while the others state that they would love to be paid in gum. He says whiningly, “No one ever pays me in gum.”, and the sound effect of “aww” plays. The commercial does not directly say that the rest of the actors gets paid in gum excluding the powerline worker, but the sound effect creates the sympathetic tone for the commercial. The commercial uses the last part of the commercial to question the audience if they have or do not have the bad moral of leaving somebody out a beneficial situation. It differs to the “Birds (Origami)” because the moral of the commercial is finding the joy in the small things in life. During the “Birds (Origami)” commercial, it shows her memories of her father and herself, spending quality time with one another. In every scene, it shows him giving a small paper crane made up of the gum wrapper of Extra Gum. As more of her memories are shown, the ups and downs of her memories always have her father giving the small paper crane which makes her happy anytime. This small crane he gives to her one of the unique things in their relationship that they share as a father and daughter. It shows his love for her more than …show more content…
In the “Pay Me in Gum” commercial, the ending shows an example of the gum packet with statements that does not necessarily make sense. For example, the packet says, “With Real Fruit Flavors” and “A little piece of happy”. The “real” component of the gum contains artificial flavoring as well as tasting like what a real fruit would taste. Also, the statement of “a little piece of happy” vaguely explains to what it is referencing too as well as just being a mean of false advertisement to sell their products. The commercial uses the technique of logos to create meaningless words that conveys a message to the audience to buy their product. However, the commercial of “Bird (Origami)” uses causes and effects to further popularize their gum brand. During the scenes of her memories with her father, her father is always handing her a crane made from the gum wrapper as a small gift of happiness and love towards her. The cause of her father giving a small yet significant gift shows the effect of their unconditional love they share as well as their close relationship. Also, it further explains how the cause of enjoying the little things in life can lead to something memorable that will last a life time. The different uses of logos allows the audience to logically think about buying into their

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