Caribu Advertisement Analysis Examples

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In my effort of finding an advertisement for my critique, I have discovered that the advertisement of the past have been more controversially filled then those of present time. The ad that I chose was one of eye rising, controversy, and outrageously extreme. The advisement of a product such as chocolate would have one thinking of pleasure, delight, pampering one’s self or a significant other, or merely a sweet memory of one’s childhood receiving an intriguing treat such as eating chocolate for the first time. It seems to me that the best way to explain this advertisement is to emphasize that this was from a Peruvian ad agency in Peru, because I believe this extreme form of attention grabber wouldn’t have made it to the public viewing. However, a young girl grinding a chick (baby chicken) in her toy frying pan.
Due to the aim of the audience this ad was meant for (older groups that would appreciate bitter chocolate) working, middle, and even upper middle class, the company Caribu must have felt
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A way of showing that their chocolate was on the evil, dark, or bad side and the little girl was to represent the sweetness in their product was the intended message. Factors explaining the intending message includes: having the cutest little girl, showing the innocents toy playing; the back ground being dark and dime with the bright colors of the important objects; a shocking image of a chick in a grinder being grinded by the cute little girl; and finally the catchphrase of “The Dark Side of Sweetness”. At the same time, the product does not tell you that the chocolate is bitter. However, on the whole (the message) we have to conclude that the message of dark and sweet is understood, because the written catchphrase has help induce the horrific image. For example, if you were to see the ad without the catchphrase you would be confuse, but still

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