Who Are Millennials? : Who Is The Generation? Essay

1129 Words Nov 17th, 2016 5 Pages
Who are Millennials? I’ve asked myself many questions regarding this generation, Millennials. Who is really calling themselves that? Where did the word come from? What age range are you using to classify this generation? What does it mean to be a millennial? What is the view other generations have of us? What do we as a generation value and what are our traits? The first problem with the millennial generation is that many scientists and researchers cannot agree on when the generation starts and ends. Some say it stops after 1997, others say 1998, some say ’99 or 2000 and I’ve found one source that ends the generation at 2004. The inconsistent time period alone is a major issue, partly because no one can agree on it but another part is, why do researchers of a different generation get to decide what generation that these young people represent? This generation also runs into conflict with another generation when it comes to defining the years which is Generation Y, which is referred to as a fake generation because it runs from the end of Generation X into a large part of the Millennial Generation (Atlantic, 2014). Millennials are named after the turn of the century, with credit to Neil Howe and and the late William Strauss (Pollack, 2015), and because of that I believe it ends at the year, 1999. Millennials are now the most populated generation living today, surpassing the Baby Boomers, that is a big deal and affects our world in every way, this feat can in small part be…

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