When I Think About Reading Essay examples

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Moments in life define who we are as individuals. As adults, we are able to think back and remember times and events that impacted our life. Through the rollercoaster of life, moments surround us, and reading becomes a big part of those moments. When you combine moments and reading each individual will have different moments that they remember about reading, and reading will bring a flood of different emotions. Through books I have escaped into the magical world of Hogwarts, dealt with the struggles of Mia Thermopolis, and transported through a magical wardrobe. When I think about reading I immediately think about books and the different places they have taken me and the adventures I have been. Moments in books have allowed me to redefine and change my perspective on life. When I think about reading, I think about the variety of books I have enjoyed. Reading has been something that has come easy to me, but there are certain moments that have impacted how I look at reading. One of the most distinct moments that impacted my reading was in the third grade, Mrs. Parker, an amazing teacher who introduced the class to the challenges and adventures that books contained. In that third grade classroom the atmosphere was filled with conversation about different books, these books ranged in genres and sizes, but everyone had a favorite. During this conversation, I remember attempting to pick my favorite book. But, I couldn’t decide. A couple of my friends were reading Harry Potter…

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