Essay about When Choosing An Environment For College

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Homesick or Home-bound? When choosing an environment for college, every prospective student is faced with an ultimate decision: go away for college or stay close to home. There is no perfect answer, the choice varies from student to student, but each one has to make the decision that ultimately changes their life as well as learning experience. When staying close to home, there is a sense of familiarity and it usually makes things easier, yet many times you 're missing out on valuable opportunites. On the other hand, going away for college can be a large expense as well as emotionally exhausting. With that though, comes opportunites to grow as a person and get a very good education. Both paths have their similarities and differences, yet there is always one that better benefits a student 's personal situation.

Going away to college has many positive attributes to your education and growth as a person. As stated in an article by USA Today, going away to college gives you a chance to explore an area away from your hometown. Contrary to what you may believe, it is a very different experience, even if you don 't leave the country. Every area has unique climates, customs, traditions, cuisines, and even accents or languages. According to Sydney Grant, a sophomore at the University of Michigan, going to college away from home opened up an adventurous side of her that she believes she wouldn 't have if she had stayed home. When you move to another place for college, you have a…

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