What 's Wrong Love, If We Can Come Visit? Essay

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"Good", pauses, "no, that 's a lie. Everything isn 't fine." "What 's wrong love, you can confide in me." Taking a deep breath, "I 've been experiencing a difficult time with Amy lately. She 's been moody, stays by herself, and fights with Jason". Viv couldn 't believe her ears. A picture of Amy popped up in her head. Recalling the happy, sweet, loving girl. "I 'm so sad to hear that. Poor baby, is there anything I can help you with? Is that why you called?" "I wonder, if we can come visit? "But of course you silly girl." Sounding so happy. She 'd been trying to get them to come for a visit awhile now. It 's been a long time since they saw each other. Missing them so much. After all, they were all they had left. Viv 's parents, and sister were gone. Jenna was the only grand-child, it 's only natural they were close. "You 're the one that 's been too thick-headed, to listen. You and the children need a change, at least for now." Sensing there was more, saying "mon Dieu, what is it love?" Hesitating, "if it 's okay with you. I 've decided to move to Paris temporary." Screaming at the camera, "yes, I 've hoped you would move here, someday." "This is perfect, you can stay with me." The family home was bequested to her. Situated right outside of Paris. "There 's enough room for us all." "Are you sure? Don 't want to inconvenience you." Don 't start. We 're family after all. Besides, I need company in this…

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