What You Have Learned? Essay

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Journal 20

Make a choice: Write about one of the following (A or B):
A: Write three different responses to the instructor describe in the following situation.

2. Write what you have learned or relearned about being assertive. There is a fine line between being assertive and stepping over a person’s boundary. Yet, I have always found that being assertive and using a respectful tone will both help and benefit me in the long run. I have always been someone to stand up for myself or others, so I have simply relearned the importance of being assertive. I also know that it is all about tone, if I have a problem I always allow myself to think about it from the other person’s point of view. By doing this, I feel like it helps me better explain why something needs to be changed for the better.

Journal 21

Write about a time when you were off course and took effective actions to get back on course. I rarely find myself off course, but when I do I take quick action to bring myself back on. One such time was when I had slacked off on a paper for Government; I found the class a bit dull and the work was nothing more than just setting up a paper for future use. Pretty much it was a rough draft that was only worth 50 points. I shoved the paper aside for about 2 days before it was due, eventually I did it, but it was rushed and I only received half credit. It was at this point I realized I need to do a bit more for the class, I enjoy good grades, so having a lower grade gave me the…

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