What Type Of Manager Would I Be? Essay example

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What type of manager would I be? Would I follow a certain approach? These are the questions I asked myself while I imagined myself as a manager. Being a effective manager is important for a company. They must have control over employees. They also must understand what needs to be done to reach success. If I were a manager I would follow six concepts we have discussed in chapter 12.
I would be an organized manager that has an appropriate vision for the company. In class we discussed that a vision is a mental image of a possible and desirable future state of a company or organization. If I was a manager I would present a vision that expects high efficiency in production and standards for communication to create pride in a company. For example, if I was a manager for furniture store I could create a vision. The vision I would create would be, “Together, we can make our daily lives better by saving money”. This vision can appeal to customers because they will see how the company views its customers and employees as a family. Using the words “together” and “we” can have a positive meaning. The reason I would create a vision in a company is because I believe it can create a standard within the business. Employees and customers will understand what a company expects by seeing a vision (p.383). This concept can be found on page 383. As long as the vision is not inappropriate, it can have a positive impact on the company.
As a manager, I would use my sources of power to accomplish…

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