What Theories Address It And What Do They Say? Essay

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Most individuals who are incarcerated come from a community and eventually will return back to the community (Andress, Wildes, Rechtine, and Moritsugu, 2004). The United States is seeing substantial growth in jail populations which has made incarceration a very common experience for many disadvantaged in individuals (Western, 2002).The stigma attached to incarceration can often create barriers to resources that inmates need, post-incarceration, to prevent them from re-offending. These resources include but are not limited to regular and stable employment, education, treatment, and family related services. These post-incarceration services are important because without them former inmates may find themselves in secondary labor markets trying to earn livable wages to support themselves and their families and not being able to function without proper life skills to help them adjust back to society.
What theories address it and what do they say?
Ecological Theory supports the idea that available resources would create a positive environmental support structure for post-incarcerated individuals and would be very effective in reducing recidivism rates.
B .Describe 5 to 8 previous studies related to your problem and their implications for your research.
1.The Effect of Prison Education Programs on Recidivism. Journal Of Correctional Education, 61(4), 316-334
This study offers strong support for the argument that it is far more profitable for states to fund education classes for…

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