Definition Essay: What Is Anger?

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You ask me what is anger? Look at me. Here I am in a psychiatric clinic confessing my issues to a person that gets paid to tell me that I am crazy. I want you to listen to me. Listen to me with an open mind. I do not need your judgement. Listen to these words with understanding. Put yourself in my neglected, hurt, and troubled shoes and listen.

Anger is waking up every morning still thinking about that bad thing that happened to you all those years ago. You know, when your bestfriend kissed your boyfriend in eleventh grade and she told you it was no big deal. Anger is scolding your child because he “bothered” you by asking to tie his shoes. Mind you, he’s only 3. You don’t mean to act this way, but you can’t help it. You’re just so angry.
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Let’s just say, the remote doesn’t increase the volume on the television when you press the button the first time. “Dag Nabbit” you say as you hit the device rapidly against your hand. That is anger. Anger ruins your day. You know that woman that you held the door for and she didn’t say thank you, or when you helped your coworker pick up the fry boxes that she dropped and she didn’t even display appreciation. I hate that . It angers me so much. You ever been driving and someone pulls right in front of you? That “What the heck?” moment that you have, that is anger.

Anger is punching a hole in the wall when things don’t go your way. Like when you told your mother to bring you a 4 for 4 from Wendy’s, but she comes home with Captain D’s. Anger is neglecting your loved ones and close friends. You and your friends could be having a blast a party, and all of a sudden, Jenny steps on your toe. She says sorry, but that’s not enough for you. Anger is not accepting the apology and making a big deal out of nothing. Anger is long lasting. Anger is toxic. Anger destroys a lot of great
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I have nothing good in my life. I am mad all the time. I am angry because I am alone. But honestly, the reason I am alone is anger. Anger took everything away from me: my child, sanity, and life. Child services only gives me one day a week to see Malex. Want to know why? I HAVE AN ANGER PROBLEM! I can’t even be trusted with my own child. Anger is not having things that you really want. I want my son, but I cannot have him with getting upset with him.
But you say to me, there are clinics that help. Yes, I know that there are clinics. I used to go. Do you know how much a session cost? Do you know the price of the medication that I should take? I do not have it. I cannot keep a job. Employers do not like people that don’t smile. Employers don’t like passive aggressive people. No one wants to give me a job. Anger is a barrier.
Anger is not happiness. Frowns are my best asset. I also make unpleasant faces. Like the “Resting B***h Face”. I am not positive. Anger is not optimistic. I don’t see the good in people. I hate everything. I don’t want to be bothered. No, I don’t want to talk because no one knows what to say. I am not happy, I won’t ever be like you. I won’t have a spouse to turn to. Because every time if he breathes to hard, I’m most likely going to spazz out. No one wants a loose cannon. An angry person is like a ticking bomb. One wrong move, and everything goes up in

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