What Makes Your Food Choice? Essay

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1. Introduction I would say the food I eat is usually available to me when I feel the urge to consume. I wouldn’t say my food selection is abundant by any means but more of having food to eat when necessary. The cost of food varies for me, when there is nothing to eat at the house I usually go pick up fast food or order a pizza. I am provided something to eat every day. I still stay with my mother so when there is something in the refrigerator I usually get provided a meal. I would have to be honest, I usually never plan meals; I know that it is a bad habit but I have been doing a better job on meal prepping so I can have a better well balanced diet. My mom likes to cook so she is usually in the kitchen cooking when I return home. When she is not cooking, I usually prepare my own meals. I would say that my food selection is pretty much flexible, I am not really forced to eat anything I do not want. I believe nutrition is important for me as a student because students are still in the developmental stage of life. Eating healthier will increase my overall awareness. In this paper I report my analysis of my food selection over a 3-day period during the month of November, the dates were the 19th – 21st.
2. Overall Diet Pattern: How Healthful is Your Diet?
a. Overall Eating Patten
The data that I recorded is usually not typical with-in a three day period. I am surprised on what I ate. I usually eat more junk food than anything on the weekends. On weekends I typically eat more…

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