Essay on What Makes Good Customer Service?

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Bringing Out a Customer Service Mindset in Your Staff
Coaching a team of any size to deliver exceptional customer service can be accomplished by focusing on three concepts. These concepts are culture building, training, and team appreciation.

Build a company culture that has a customer service mindset as the first priority. Hire friendly people. Demonstrate great customer service and accept no less from any of your team leaders or crew members. Discuss what makes good customer service as part of the day to day team talk. Celebrate success. Find creative ways to reward great customer service. An award can be given for the best customer service each month. Employees can also be honored by allowing them to share their ideas about customer service with new team members. Applaud great customer service by recognizing it verbally and sharing it with both other employees and the management.

Training is the second concept. Incredible customer service does not just happen. Training a few very specific skill will improve a team 's customer service quickly.

Train that customers come first. A friendly greeting and smile is the mandatory first impression. A smile can be felt over the phone as well. Team members must cheerfully and sincerely greet each customer, in person, or over the phone. Customers must be served immediately upon entering the establishment, not after an employee finishes any other task.

Intentionally train your team members to make small talk. It is a dying art…

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