What Makes A Catastrophe Strike? Essay

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When a catastrophe strikes, people that are not prepared often find that their survival instincts will kick in, and this makes them start to consider doing things that they normally wouldn 't do just to be able to live. Unfortunately, this means that they will be willing to attack others who took the time to prepare, so they can get their supplies or steal their form of shelter. Because of this, it is essential that people plan ways that they can protect themselves and their supplies ahead of time. Read on for ten of the best ways that you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from break-ins.

1. Thorns of Protection

Plants with sharp points or thorns make an intruder think twice about trying to cross through them. That is why it helps to plant a thick layer of them near all of your windows. The types of plants that you choose should be based on the region that you live in. Northern folks might need roses, while those who live in the South might consider cacti instead.

2. Weapons

Some type of weapons should be kept for protection, and this doesn 't necessarily mean guns. Guns require bullets, which a person can quickly run out of. Baseball bats, large sticks or clubs, or even sharp, pointy objects can all be used to protect a person who is being attacked from a home intruder. If there has been recent threats of break-ins in the area that you live in, then it might also be important for a person with a club or sharp object to stand guard at night as a watch-out. 3.…

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