What Kind Of Learning Styles Do Esl Learners Prefer? Essay

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It is also said that people do not necessarily have only one modality. Some might have auditory and kinesthetic perception. Others might have multiple sensory preferences.

2 What Kind of Learning Styles Do ESL Learners Prefer? Reid (1987) conducted survey on the learning style preferences of ESL learners. He analyzed the data based on various categories: age, mother language, TOEFL score, length of time in U.S., major fields, etc. Among them, we will discuss three background differences that affect learners’ styles.

ESL vs Native (weak proficiency vs strong proficiency) The questionnaire suggests that ESL students often differ significantly in various ways from native speakers of English in their perceptual styles. Overall, ESL students strongly preferred kinesthetic and tactile styles. Native speakers preferred auditory styles the best of all, although the kinesthetic style was also selected as a major preference. Surprisingly, students with higher TOEFL scores more closely paralleled those of native speakers. Also, the longer students had lived in the United States, the more auditory their preference became. Among them, students who had been in the U.S. more than 3 years were significantly more auditory in their learning style preferences than those who had shorter periods of time in U.S.. This data can suggest that students who have strong proficiency in English including native speakers tend to resort to auditory learning styles. However, Reid (1987) also…

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