Social Class And The Hidden Classroom Analysis

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In these past few years, people alway try to find different ways to increases the student’s performance in the classroom. For example, do not allow students to use electronics in the classes, strict on attendance, or ask students to take many tests. One of the reason that people think students cannot perform as good as they can is because of the class size. How can the class size influence the student’s performance? Right now, in a lot of schools, the principal and all of the administration in the school trying to reduce the class size to less than 40 students per classroom. Almost everyone believe that by doing this the teacher will be able to spend more time for each student. There will be more teachers that need to be hired. In many aspects, …show more content…
However, the way that the teacher teach students should be considered more important than the class size. In the Rereading America articles, “From Social Class and The Hidden Curriculum of Work” by Jean Anyon explained about different teaching methods for different social class school. The research in this article can explain how the teaching methods can make a really big different : “Differing curricular, pedagogical, and pupil evaluation practices emphasize different cognitive and behavioral skills in each social setting and thus contribute to the development in the children of certain potential relationships to physical and symbolic capital, to authority, and to the process of work” (178). This shows that, with a good teaching methods, the students can learn more useful skill compared to those that receive bad teaching methods. In order to improve the student’s achievement, many teachers also need to go back to college in order to receive an education that can help in improve their teaching qualities. An article written about how in these past years the teachers need to go to many different programs to learn the teaching methods that improve student’s achievement, “Along with changing the format for the course delivery, faculty have spent the last two years examining practices and creating more authentic learning experiences for candidates learning to teach” (Waddell and Vartuli). A teacher not only need to be knowledgeable, but they also need to know what will be the best way to help the students understand the learning materials. There are some methods that teachers should learn to better their teaching are learn to listen to what is the need of the students, provide a more comfortable environments for the students to learn. In order to provide a comfortable environments, it is best separate talkative people from each others, because it is really disturbance when they keep talking

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