What Is The Importance Of Observation In The Classroom

I understand that observing, documenting and assessing to support young children and families is important to run a smooth and effective classroom. I will use goals and assessments to create meaningful curriculum when teaching young children. I know about and use observation, documentation and other appropriate assessment tools and approaches to collect data. I understand and practice responsible assessment to promote possible outcomes for each and every child in my classroom. I know the importance of using assessment partnership with families and professional colleagues to build effective learning environments. I will use the goals, benefits, and uses of assessment, including its use in the development of appropriate goals, curriculum and teaching strategies for young children. I understand the importance of observation. Observation is ideal to running a smooth classroom. It allows an individual to grow an understanding on what goes on in the classroom including the safety of the children, curriculum planning, and assessment (3-1). I know that when I observe the children in my classroom, I grow a better understand of what they enjoy and I am …show more content…
I understand the importance of including the use of technology in the documentation, assessment, and data collection. I recognize there are different types of observation tools which include checkless, antidotes, running records and frequency counties. My personal favorite type of observation tool are portfolios (3-2). I will use portfolios in my classroom. Portfolios will provide caregivers, my colleagues and myself an idea of how far the children in the classroom have come from the beginning of the school year to the end. Portfolios are not something you can do once they are ongoing and I understand that. As an education provider, I will take the time to create portfolios for all the children in the

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