ADHD Assessment Plan

I want to start my reflection by giving some background information on my student. John has difficulty in each of the five assessment domains cognitive, motor, communication, adaptive behavior, and social emotional. John is in the 8th grade at Greene County Tech, he receives special services under the diagnosis of Specific Learning Disability with ADHD. John is a student in my English and math resource classes. During the first nine weeks of the school year, I observed John having difficulty in English and math with one or more of the following; comprehension, order of operation, classmates, and following classroom rules. After the first two quizzes in math John had already fell behind most of his peer. In English, he had trouble writing …show more content…
“It is essential that teachers closely monitor the performance of all students, especially the progress of those who appear to be struggling with grade-appropriate academic task. In this way, the teacher can implement alternative instructional strategies early and with an eye to meeting specific students’ needs (Overton, T. (2016), p.115). This assessment plan for John will focus on the developmental needs he is currently lacking. The assessment goals I have established for John were created and agreed upon after numerous meetings between John, John’s parents, and myself. John’s parents and I agree that John has deficits in all five of the assessment domains. This assessment plan will be analyzed using data gathered from the curriculum based measurements and observations documented on rating questionnaires created by the teacher and agreed to by John’s parents. I choose Curriculum-Based Measurements as the method of assessment because it is a formative type of evaluation and considered the best option for progress monitoring a students’ progress. The progress of the student will be monitored during the instruction period for comprehension of the skills to achieve the goals. The other assessment tool I choose for communication, adaptive behavior, and social emotional domains was a rating questionnaire. This assessment type was chosen because it allows the observer to document the rate of frequency a behavior is occurring during the observation period. The text book refers to this type of behavior assessment as not involving direct observation (Overton, T. (2016), p.198). If I were using this type of assessment for the parents to rate their child’s behavior at home it would be indirect. In this instance, the assessment is direct because it allows me to rate the students’ behavior during the observation period. The data I need to evaluate the students’ progress is not only the

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