Medication Treatment For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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In the article “Medication Treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” by Joseph B. Ryan the author discusses the importance about ADHD and the various treatments that youth go under which benefit them or which may cause them side effects. The recent advancement of medical science has lead to improvements in the treatment of ADHD which is good news for parents with children who are suffering from ADHD. This new innovation in the branch of science has lead to positive contribution like a decline in the symptoms in the ADHD children while improved the social behaviours and better response to academic and behavioural treatments (Ryan, 2011). Stimulant medications have seen to be faster in results, for example amphetamines and methylphenidate similarly anti depressant medications are alternatives to stimulant medications in cases where the patients do not respond to it. Antihypertensive are prescribed for patients with high blood pressure however they can be clubbed with stimulant medications (Ryan, 2011). Further, the medication has certain benefits related to behavioural improvements on which the children got a good feed back from teachers at school. The ADHD students preform better academically as reflected in their performance. However, the affect on academic performance is short-term as depicted by the tests. Never the less, these medication therapies due suffer from many side effects raging from physical to mental disorders. This demands a thorough monitoring…

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