When Are You Call Upon To Assess A Student? Why?

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Dr. Elizabeth Frank has been the head psychologist for nearly 7 years at Manhattan Charter School, which is located in the Lower East Side. Dr. Frank sums up her title as being a related service provider for mandated students and a psychologist for the other students. Students are from various backgrounds; majority of the students live in the neighborhood and qualify for free or reduced price lunch. The school is a general education setting, with a population of about 250 students.
1. When are you called upon to assess a student? Why?
Students with IEP are assessed, as well as those without an IEP with the principle 's recommendation. There would be many reasons why the principle would call in Dr. Frank to assess a student without
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5. What is your role regarding assessment in IEP meetings?
Mrs. Loperena- Padilla role in IEP meetings generally is to provide the student 's strengths and progress on the current IEP. Mrs. Loperena- Padilla provides strategies for the effectively teach-ing of a student and can suggest accommodations or modifications so the student can successful-ly go back to school.

I found it interesting that the psychologist and the home instructional teacher before answering what assessments they find useful each made a comment on using and interpreting assessments. I completely agree that all assessments results are influenced by many variables. Standardized re-sults only give one aspect of a student’s achievement. However, these score can be helpful in de-termining the areas of a student 's strengths in and areas that need to be developed. Student’s pro-gress is constantly being reported. Dr. Frank sees about 25 percent of the school population and her note sessions are kept up adequately. Mrs. Loperena- Padilla works with a wide school range and so many students in just one day and has a superb progress reporting system. Interviewing Dr. Frank and Mrs. Loperena- Padilla has shown me the importance as to why it’s so important to document everything and to have strong organization skills. As a future special educator the pa-perwork is extremely intense. Special educators become a case manger in terms of keeping track of files, meetings, who must attend those meetings. Special educators become so involved in their student 's lives, especially as a home instructional teacher, you often become the only other person besides the family and doctors to interact with the student. Mrs. Loperena- Padilla discuss as a special education teacher, you are often signing up to be a much larger influence in a student’s life than a teacher of English, math, science, or social

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