Theories Of Jean Watson Nursing Theory

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Jean Watson – Theory of Human Caring Caring is a fundamental and a continuous process in nursing. It is an action in providing unconditional kindness to the patients and their family to promote health and render the utmost cares the patient and family’s need to obtain optimum health and wellness. Diversity in nursing and the healthcare system needs theoretical guidance to provide holistic approach in health promotion and health maintenance. Jean Watson’s theory development was influenced by her own personal life situations, Jungian psychology, feminist theory, and Maslow’s psychological concept of self- actualization. Sciences, Humanities, Buddhism, and Eastern Philosophies that bring out a phenomenological- existential and spiritual orientation …show more content…
The attempt to disregard the concept of caring has desist as a result of further utilization of the theory of caring to further study the approach, to understand the concept and its impact in the practice of nursing. The theory of human caring was used as a tool by numbers of theorist to further define the word. The theories of Swanson, Leininger, Gaut, Knowlden, Halldorsdottir, Boykin and Schoenhofer, Ray, and Roach were mid- range theories that have significantly helped the nurses to better understand the approach and utilize the concept of caring to the practice of nursing in different perspective.. The development of various theories related to caring was a proof the caring cannot be eliminated in healthcare system but has become an essential framework in the practice of …show more content…
The practice of caring integrates biophysical knowledge with knowledge of human behavior to generate or promote health and to provide ministrations to those who are ill. A science of caring is therefore complimentary to the science of curing.
The practice of caring is central to nursing. The theory of caring with the ten carative factors has established the accuracy and consistency of the concept. Evolution from carative to caritas intensifies the foundation of the theory and is a perfect illustration of the rational side of theory development. (Butts & Rich, 2011,p.513). Jean Watson’s theory of caring was adopted by many organizations. It is being utilized in various patient care all through out the United States healthcare delivery systems. Schools of nursing also used the practice model for curricular planning for teaching-learning strategies and nursing programs. The theory has greatly influenced research studies by using the theory as the foundation of caring. Watson 92006) stated that research in caring embraces inquiries that are both reflective and subjective, as well as objective- empirical. Jean Watson’s theory of caring being put together with nursing process will guide nursing actions and can be used in nursing practice, education, informatics, and administration.

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