Essay about What Is The Goal Of Your College Education?

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What is the goal of your College Education?

Some people may think that college is about leaving home, picking a career, getting a job to make money and working for the rest of their lives. However, some of this is true, a lot of it is wrong. College is so much more than this. The purpose of a college education is to prepare you to take your place in the economy, prepare you for a full life and for lifelong learning, and to prepare you to be a Christian leader throughout the rest of your life. Although these assumptions all tie into what college is about, to me it is even more than these. The primary purpose of my college education is to discover myself and decide who I am and who I want to be in life.

The statement “finding yourself” can mean a lot of different things. Carolyn A. Martin pulls all of the ideas together. “College is for finding a calling, or many callings, including the calls of friendship and love. It is for hard work of experimentation, failure, reflection, and growth” (Martin). What Martin means is that during college relationships will be made. Martin does not just mean you might find a spouse to marry or your new best friend, what she means is that during college the relationships you make, such as with you professors, RA, or the people you meet in clubs, you are formulating a name for yourself and making connections with people who one day will have your back either for a job or be there for you in tough times.Finding yourself can be…

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