What Is The Difference Between Books And Movies

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Books vs Movies
Entertainment is most important part of life. There are so many types of entertainment. One particular kind of entertainment that’s most popular is media: movies, books and TV shows. All of this types of media have many similarities. Obviously, there are many difference between them as well. Deciding whether to read book and see a movie or a TV show can depend on the person, or what sort of people might be around the person. For those who like to ready a more publically acceptable form of entertaining one’s self. Books can be read in the library, on buses, and even in cars without distracting or bothering other people. Books are very easy to travel with. Generally, when doing class work or studies for work, books are highly preferred over movies and television. It is much easier to find a book that concentrate mostly on one particular subject than it is to find a movie or series. Reading can be done at almost any time. It is also much easier to close book and pick up where it was last left off without any confusion or searching books are a form entertainment
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They allow a person to travel anywhere and anytime. After reading a book and the viewing the movie about it, a person will notice several obvious difference. The two differ in that they portray different types of stories: the movie was made to sell tickets, and the novel was written to portray the imperfect hero. There are multiple other reasons that the difference between the two clear. The ending of the movie is the most notable because it is such an important part of story and because of the extent it was changed. Characters also came off different in the movie than they were in the book. For all of these reasons and a few more, I enjoyed reading the book much more than watching the movie. Books, movies and TV shows are all forms of entertainment in which a person can choose when and where he wants to pursue a journey or

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