Essay On The Effects Of September 11 On America

On September 11th, the case that gave a shock in the whole world happened suddenly in New York in United State. The name of that cases are The September 11 Attacks. That was the largest terrorist incident in history. This cases were happened suddenly by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The terrorist attacks of September 11th will be remembered as one of the most terrible and unbelievable days in the United States. The incidents certainly affected all American, and affect a lot of person in the world in some way. The citizens were attacked in a series of deadly terrorist acts. There were over 3000 victims who were businessman and women, military and federal workers in airplanes or in their offices. A lot of lives were ended suddenly by horrible acts of terror. Four airplanes, which departed from airports, were hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists to attack buildings. One of them, …show more content…
The attacks of September 11th have also affected a lot of people these days. However, that happenings have not affected only American but also a lot of follower of prophet in all over the world. Only things that Osama bin Laden and the follower of him did to America such as attacks of September 11th have tormented the people who are families with the fire fighters, polices, soldiers, every person who tried to rescued the people who were in that horrible tragedy and all of victims. So we will have to consider about what we may do. After September 11th the fire fighters, polices, soldiers and every person who tried to rescued the people who were in that horrible tragedy became heroes after indicating their patriotism and nobility to their

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