What Is The Best Experience Essay

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It was a slow night at work and I was having a terrible night, and could not quit crying. No one knew what had happened the night before except for a select few people who choose to ask if I was okay. One of the girls Katie asked if I was okay and I told her no, and proceed to tell her that I had just gotten out of a bad relationship that resulted in me filing a restring order against him for stalking and harassing. Unlike any good friend her reaction wasn’t to ask if I was okay, her reaction was: “Why did you tell me that?! You should be embarrassed to tell anyone that, and you should be ashamed for getting a restraining order against him.” Katie said “Oh really so I should be embarrassed because he called me twenty-seven times in one day, …show more content…
It was the worst because of the mental and physical wars he put me through every day. But on the other hand it was the best thing I’ve ever done because I learned one of the most important lessons I think I could ever learn in my life. One lesson that I learned was self-worth, I discovered I’m worth a lot more than what he made me believe I was worth. It took me a months after we broke up to realize that it wasn’t normal to cry as much as I did when I was dating him. Then I soon realized that it wasn’t normal for a person to be so demanding and forceful towards their own girlfriend or boyfriend. Kyle had me confenced that it was normal to spend all my money on him, it was okay for me to be afraid of him, and that I had to check with him and ask for permission to do anything. However none of those things were accurate I never should have been afraid of him, he never owned the rights to me so I was not obligated to ask him for permission to see my friends or family, and he is not my kid so there was no reason for me to be spending all of my money on him. The other lesson I learned was trust, after you go through a situation like this it is hard to trust again, I spend months figuring out who I could and couldn’t trust. Because of this situation to this day I have once four close friends because I don’t trust random people to get close to me anymore. That random person (Kyle) ruined a part of my life and held me captive in a horror movie he called our life. But once I realized I was “free” from him it was like someone had lifted a thousand pounds of weight off my back. I was now free to be myself, whoever she may

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