What Is A Rogerian Argument?

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1. My reaction is mostly based off of anger. My anger is not directed toward the picture but how well it proves that we as people are able to name off brand names just by the picture. Also that these brands are only well know because every time one turns around they are there.

2. This picture uses ethos to help appeal to the audience. Simply the fact that the brands seen in the picture are also seen not only in advertisement but also in everyday life. That is where the audience connects to the picture because a majority have visited one of the food establishments or have purchased a product from one of the stores. Where as the chance of identifying the plants are much more difficult.

3. The picture uses inductive reasoning. One will identify this simply by comparing the two sides of the picture. When looking at the picture one will say I am able to identify that fast food chain, but also that social media network then come to the conclusion that they are able to name more brand names.
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I would use a Rogerian argument because this issue can be better solved when one finds common ground. First the core of the argument would be that we possess the most about topic that are most commonly seen in everyday life. The common ground must then say that having a greater knowledge about plants would be important. Additionally the link would say that with the help of advertisement we may all expand our

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