What If People Took Precaution Against Infection? Essay

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What if people took precaution against infection, or had more access to prevention and care solutions that can save lives? As a Biology major at Agnes Scott College, I often thought about the prevention of illnesses and diseases as well as the diseases themselves. My coursework allowed me to understand the study of life and how disturbances in biological systems can influence one’s health. I loved this form of science but realized that managed care plays a greater role in the health care system. Thus, I minored in public health and decided to pursue a master in public health to not only strengthen my research ability, writing skills, and develop new essentials skills, but to also gain the ability to think critically and make decisions that will optimize the benefits of the patient. Ultimately, I want a career that not only interacts at the individual level but at the population level as well; one that practices and prescribes medication, but also highlights prevention methods; and one that would be a challenge.
Eager to gain insight and experience in the health care field, I shadowed a Pediatrician, my previous physician and a person who later became my mentor, at Kid’s First Pediatrics in Stockbridge, GA. I shadowed Dr. Chin for about four months after I completed my freshman year of college. During this time, Dr. Chin allowed me to observe the physician-patient interaction by witnessing firsthand the day to day responsibilities of a Pediatrician. This included…

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