What I Know For You Essays

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Two or three things I know for sure, and one of them is to never take what you have for granite. I say this because going through life when I was younger I did not really understand how important relationships are. I believed that what is presented to you was a privilege and not to think anything of it. My perspective changed when my middle brother, JohnStark, was diagnosed with cancer. Not knowing whether or not he was going to make it in the beginning, if they would have to amputee this leg, or finally remove the femur was a very hard process to watch someone that I love go through. The relationship I build with my brother throughout the years before cancer was based on having fun, someone to be there for, and keeping each other in line. After the first few weeks of the unknown I realized that I had never thought something like that could happen to our family, let alone my little brother. The doctors ended up removing his femur and replacing it with a metal rod. This meant that he could never run again or do the things that liked to do. Finding this out hit us like a ton of bricks, I was not physically but mentally hurt by this. I took him for granite and now have to cope with the fact that everything does not last forever. The kind of person that I have become to this date reflects on how I grew up and what I was taught to find important. As a child I was spoiled my parents did not know how to say no to me since I was the first born. I noticed that I was spoiled…

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