Essay on What I Have Learnt About Myself As A Writer

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Critical reflection
Reflecting back on what I have learnt about myself as a writer is that it is okay to be aware of your weaknesses and using the necessary tools to support and strengthen them. As a writer it is good to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with new genres. Let your writing take you on an emotional journey, and let your emotions lead your writing into a new journey. As a writer you need to expand your vocabulary and use powerful descriptive words to really create a mental image for your readers. I have learnt to understand the importance of sentence structure, drafting, and proof reading and not over using commas creating sentences that are too long. As a writer I learnt that it is vital to seek criticism of your work, whether it is positive or negative you need to remember it is a stepping stone to improve your work, not a personal attack. Looking back on my schooling years and experiences with writing we always covered the main basics to writing, but until now have the vital mechanics behind writing been taught to us.
Opening up my mind to a world of creativity and engaging with my imagination rather than using always factual information was necessary in accepting this writing task. As i have grown up i noticed my writing style has changed from the fun made up stories i use to tell or write as a child to now everything is very factual and serious. So being allowed to venture back into that imaginative and creative world we all remember as…

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