What I Have Learned About Myself Essay

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Although we are all created equally, we are not created to function equally. It is our strengths and weaknesses that differentiate us and ultimately makes us unique to the world we live in. Understanding our individual personality traits and that of others, can create a more cohesive environment especially in our different organizations hence the benefit of the self assessment test. Similar to the Myers-Briggs test, this self assessment has helped identified how I would react in specific situations as compared to others through research. In this paper, I have reviewed some of the significant things I have learned about myself in each section of the assessment, applied them to my workplace behavior, and examined how I would interact with others going forward. Lastly, after reviewing the result – I prayed that God transforms my weaknesses to strength through the help of the Holy Spirit and I explained how my weaknesses in the past, have been transformed to strengths through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Step I
Part I: What about me?
The assessment testified to some of the things I already knew about myself such as having entrepreneurial tendencies, displaying extrovert traits, being most productive during the early hours of the day, and being highly proactive. One of the few interesting things I discovered and was surprising is that my Jungian -16 Type personality was an INFP. When I initially took the test, under the Myer-Briggs format, my result was an ESFJ and…

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