What I Become A Social Worker ( 703 Words ) Essay

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What experiences motivate you to (a) become a social worker (703 words)

Early in my adolescence, I discovered the value of community-based, experiential learning practices, while working with various social service organizations that support diverse populations. These experiences sparked my interested in working with individuals in a helping capacity, which led me to pursue a degree in Sociology and Child, Youth, & Family Studies. My education and continued activism in the social services have inspired me to pursue a career in social work. I am particularly interested in empowering others, challenging oppression and injustice through community activism, and advocating for marginalized and vulnerable populations who lack the platforms needed to initiate social change.
My desire to help others has consistently directed me on the path towards social work, but it wasn’t until I began volunteering with the Student Support Network (SSN), a student-led mental health initiative, that I discovered that my passion for counseling. My experience in this small-seat counseling role has been extremely rewarding. Through encouraging clients to cultivate their own strengths to overcome adversity, I have discovered the value in helping others which have inspired me to continue my professional development through engagement in other helping roles.
Through the progression of my undergraduate degree, my interests have become more refined. Courses surrounding adolescent development, counseling…

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