What I Am Jason Hammersley Essay examples

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I am Jason Hammersley, I am from and currently reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am pursuing concurrent majors in World History and Religious Studies (world track). Some of my interests are history, philosophy, religion, space and people. I find people to be fascinating, the way people think and act peaks my curiosity. When I’m not thinking or dwelling on those topics and when time permits I enjoy computers, games and RC cars. My goal for this course and any other course is to gather more information and my interests. I want to learn how other people think about this subject scientifically, and gather other thoughts from the people associated with this course. As far as me being able to succeed, it always helps if the course is organized and easy to access. I work 40 plus hours a week as a financial analyst and then have to fit in time to get all my required readings, assignments, quizzes, and etc… make dealing with an unorganized course not fun when I want to focus on that I may have done wrong allows me to learn from those mistakes. learning. I also value feedback and constructive criticism very much. This is ultimately the best way for to learn. To fully grasp the concept of what I may not be fully understanding I need it pointed out. This goes for my writing as well, everyone writes different and everyone views that writing differently so to get something pointed out A 3-5 page paper means I require at least 3 full pages of double spaced text with…

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