Essay on What Does Someone Become A Software Engineer

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Do human beings ever wonder how it was possible to open up Microsoft Word and start typing away for their essay, or opening Facebook and posting on their timeline that they are having a blast at the Cubs game. Well the brains behind all the creations that make our lives easier are Software Engineers. They are in charge of programming and coding every single website, programs and even computers. So how does someone become a Software Engineer and what does it take to be a successful one? Well it is just like any other degree or career, it all starts with schooling. While at school students have to earn certain certifications that get them ready to become a certified Engineer and that is what all employers look at before they consider anybody. Then it moves to Training which is really critical because it can get difficult when it comes to the hands on labs that the professors will perform. Lastly experience without it will be a bit difficult to get a good starting paying job, employers love to see students with experience. That’s why to become a successful Software Engineer there is a series of requirements, such as meeting all the certifications, training, and having the experience.

Certifications is one of the most important requirements that Software Engineers need in order to be certified and ready to take on the coding career. To get these certifications or in specific terms programming languages, schooling is involved. Hundreds of 4 year colleges offer computer/software…

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