Essay about What Does It Burn?

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Despite the order to return upstairs, Gregg sent the clerk, to check on towels, and returned inside the front office. He bent down and crawled behind the paneled walls, searches for additional packages of jing. He retrieved many packages with the help of Shaggy, but maybe there was a packet or two he could find just for himself. Not that he needed more once they made the final split. But what he had learned from Maynard was never to turn down money, especially when you have a chance to make more. While, there were no other bundles inside, Gregg was pleased that he made the effort. He saw firsthand what effort would do for Maynard and his dad. As he rose, his heel bumped into a gasoline can. He caught his balance against the brown metallic cabinet before falling. Damn cans, he thought. There were six spread across the floor. He asked Maynard; why so many? Maynard explained that he read in a magazine that it burning was good kill some shrubs in order to replant some vegetables like artichokes or broccoli which prosper more during the cool season. Maynard would say, “Always best to regroup, knowing what to expect from your environment unlike like the Krauts failings in Russia.” A smart guy, Gregg thought. He knew Maynard must do a lot of reading. But strangely he only notices the four bibles on top of the cabinet and several pamphlets of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah which lay atop the corner front table corner of the office. Obviously were Jeanette’s. Surprisingly he…

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