Essay about What Do You Do?

1604 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
What do you do? What can you do? You’re stuck in this never ending loop. Sure, it could be fun to explore all these new worlds, but you couldn’t make any connections with anyone. All you did was make friends for about five seconds before it all went to hell. Besides, these flowers were soft, better than any bed. Maybe you should just close your eyes and sleep. Ya, a little cat nap wouldn’t hurt...would it? “*Hey.” You turn over and nuzzle in the flowers. “*Hey human.” You groan, not wanting to get up from your attempt at slumber. “*HEY IDIOT!” The voice screamed. You bolt up, glaring at whoever made it. Of course it was that God damned flower. What did he want?! Upon your ‘awakening’ he seemed to smirk to himself, almost happy that he was able to finally get you up. No, he probably was ecstatic at your pain. You gave him another glare and go back to lay down. “What do you want?” You grumped. “*You just fell 80 kajillion stories down into the underground and you want to know what I want?” He sassed. “Look, I just wanna sleep, ok?” “*Well too bad.” You felt the flowers underneath you wriggle around and you were sitting back up,”*I have bigger plans.” “Oh really?” You inquire. “*Yes really. Now shut up or I’ll make you.” His face distorted into an evil smile, vines and roots began to protrude up from the ground, wriggling their way to you,”*Alright?” You simply nodded, staring wide-eyed. The roots and vines went back into the ground, the ground didn’t even look…

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